A Story On How The Universe Works

And it will conspire to make things happen for you

3 min readApr 13, 2022


A great Armenian elder I met at the breakfast place (Lwazi)

I was at breakfast when this man came up to me and said: “Hello, I am from France. And I just wanted to say that we have good omelets, but they are NOTHING compared to the ones here at this restaurant!”

We got to talking and it happens to be he knew all kinds of music artists such as Nancy Wilson and South African singer Miriam Makeba. He also met Gandhi. Great guy, age 97.

After further speaking, we (my wife and I) told him we were visiting Armenia next year. “And he happens to be not only Armenian but his family barely survived the “Armenian Massacre of 1918.” I am very fascinated with this genocide, which is one of the reasons we are going to Armenia.

In my car, I happened to have a pomegranate from my backyard. It was meant to be given to someone else, but their store was closed so I could not give it to them. The pomegranate is the symbol of Armenia. This man never has been back to his country. So I go to the car and get the pomegranate for him. He was joyed! That is the pomegranate he has in his hand.

He wrote a book about his experience in surviving the massacre and how his family was later killed there in Armenia. I’m getting the book today. His wife was also there and a writer. Her granddad was a very powerful man and started many organizations here where I live.

We went on to talk about how he loved Black people and how he helped out some during the Civil Rights movement. People like this are great, my wife and I pretty much can only relate to older people. All of our friends we hang out with are older than us, MUCH older. But that is who we relate to.

We are going to meet with them and I can’t wait to hear their stories. The Universe set this one up for me and even gave me the pomegranate (the Armenian symbol) to deliver to this great elder.

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