And So I Asked Lucifer: “What Happened?”

4 min readMar 10, 2022
Screenshot NBC News

My wife and I do a lot of driving, and it gives us a lot of time to talk about interesting subjects. While driving through South Carolina, we laid our eyes upon a Confederate flag the size of a football field! I got to thinking about how the BLM movement started: A “Black” woman climbed up a flagpole and removed a Confederate flag. She got arrested, but the Black Lives Matter movement was started on that day.

The BLM movement was necessary

A stand against white supremacy, right? But there are people actually against this movement! Racists, the prejudice, conservatives, white supremacy. But there seems to be something that all of these types of people have in common: THEY ARE ALL CHRISTIANS! Sorry, but it’s the naked truth! Especially what I have seen on my visits to the South, listening to their Christian radio: The BLM movement is an abomination against god. These Conservative Christians say everything but “It is the Blacks who are destroying the country and against god.” But they come damn close to saying those exact words.

So my wife and I got to thinking: If those types of people are against something that clearly needs to be exposed, who is REALLY the bad guy in this movement. The BLM movement is SO real and necessary that the ENTIRE world got involved. Statues of white supremacy were removed GLOBALLY! Yet, conservatives and many Christians are against it.

So I Thought About These So Called Holy People They Call “Christians”

Throughout his’story, Christians have murdered, raped, pillaged, CRUCIFIED, enslaved the people of this world. All in the name of god and Christianity; thinking/knowing they are doing god’s work. Is this religion a good religion? NO it is not! They literally said that slaves should obey their masters (Peter 2:18, Hebrews 13:17, Romans 13:1 and many many others!). Christianity is a religion run by satan (all good hearted people who claim to be Christians, are not Christians, they are Christ’Likes!). But the Christians spend 95% of their teachings telling you that this angel (Lucifer) who used to live in Heaven right next to god is bad and evil. Then you find out that all that crap they said about Lucifer is not even in the Bible! So if Christianity is the true…


I want to make the mind ponder. Race, Religion, Reality.