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My Sound Of Music In England (Lwazi Mosley)

I began my love for writing back in 1984, after I fell into a coma at age 14. In that coma I saw magnificent things, revealed many secrets, and even saw self-prophecies that have since come true. When I was in this coma, I heard a voice; the voice told me to start writing journals. Ever since, I have always written journals. Not just regular journals that tell about visiting the mall, but recording only events that were not normal.

The Chosen Child

It was said that when I was born, I had a huge crown above my head (Auntie Liz). I was not a planned child, the only reason my parents got married was because of the unplanned pregnancy. I never felt part of this world, I started ditching school in the 2nd grade. I would spend the whole day in the neighborhood canyons with nature. My mom and dad said when they would put me to bed at night (3 years old), they would come and check on me, and I would be sitting in the middle of the room (out of my crib), playing with somebody, in the dark. I have always been connected with the spirit world, and I heard “The Voice” at 8 years old. Another time I will elaborate on that.

Early Career

I did 15 years of telemarketing, so I learned a lot about people. You can learn a lot about a person from just hearing their voice over a phone. Through that knowledge, I became a great Life Coach for families, and individuals who suffer from social anxiety. I would later take that experience, use it to work with children, and till this day I still work with the youth. I change lives every day, and I am grateful for that.

Writing Experience

With the inclusion of journals, I have been writing for 40 years. I started with (and still) writing journals. I got into Hip Hop music in 1987, so I started writing rap lyrics (754 songs all together). I toured with “Naught By Nature”, do your remember them lol.

My first journal. I call it the “Angel Journal.” It is full of prophecies that has since come true. Photo by Lwazi Mosley

In the 90s I started writing novels, published my first book in 1993: “Diary of An Angel”, which was a book about what I…




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