Let’s Talk About Rage & Puppies

And when should a person be shot by a cop

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One day this Medium account is going to be my memorial, that is why I am sharing these stories with you all. When I am gone, this will be my legacy.

1993, El Cajon, California

I got into an argument over the phone with an ex-girlfriend; but then some dude got on the phone and started talking sh**, which ENRAGED ME! He knew I did not have a car, so he talked even madder sh**. He told me to come over and he’ll f**k me up. I said: “Bet, are guns allowed or not?” I was serious! So I called my friend Carl, picked him up and we were off.

I was so mad that when we got to the apartment complex, I left my friend in the car and started running towards the apartment. When I got there the dude from the phone was peacefully standing in the doorway.

I rushed this guy, and the look on his face was as if someone who saw the reaper coming for them. He was scared.

I grabbed this dude, threw him to the ground, and started beating him down. People ran everywhere as I stormed the house. Next thing you know, I was getting hit. 3 other guys started jumping on me, but I continued to beat this dude down. Finally, my friend Carl jumped on the entire pile, knocking them off. I got up and the dude who I was beating down ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

I looked around the room, saw another guy and went after him, now with fewer guys to help, he started pleading: “What’s wrong?” They slowly put me against a wall to talk with me, then my ex-girlfriend came up to me, put her hand on me trying to calm me down, so I hit her.

The guys started hitting me, then my rage took over even more! Just like an Anime character, I bent down and then yelled at the top of my lungs like the Hulk or something and threw my hands out. Everybody flew, one guy fell through a window (I am not kidding). My friend had to protect the dude in the bathroom. The guy says: “Why is he so mad?” My friend Carl says: “You shouldn’t have f**ked with him.”

Now, let me tell you who the people were, that was running

After the altercation, I found out that one of the people running was a guy with an infant in his…




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