Nobody Wants To Work

The Fall Of America

3 min readMar 10, 2022


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Today our daughter visited a Starbucks, ordered a London Fog drink (tea, steamed milk and vanilla syrup). The girl taking her order had a bad attitude from the start. She repeats to her co-worker after my daughter ordered, “What the hell is a London Fog?” The girl practically throws the drink to my daughter, my daughter gets the drink to find it’s just a teabag in some warm water. Apparently the last time my daughter went there, the same girl was complaining about being scheduled in the morning, endless complaining. I said, “They should just get rid of her.” My daughter explained how they can’t because they are short staffed.

Last week we ordered wireless service to our home. A technician would not be available until 3 weeks later! simply from being short staffed.

The person who took our order obviously was working from home: “Told us a bunch of lies just to get us off the phone.” So they did not get our internet in on the day they said they would. When we called and complained we got sent to 2 different locations, finally when we reached the right person, she told us “your technician will be there today between 12pm and 8pm.” I asked “are you sure?” She said “yes, he will be there between 12 and 8pm”. Dude never showed up! No call, no NOTHING! Again, an entitled-felt employee who knows the company needs him.

Today’s Americans do not want to work, and the ones that do work, feel entitled because they know it is hard (almost impossible) to find new employees. All across the country there are “now hiring” signs EVERYWHERE! I have been to 6 states now that are all desperately needing help. Many companies are offering sign-on bonuses. I even saw a few fast food places that pay DAILY!

But what the hell is happening in this country? And does anybody see what’s happening. Was it the Covid payout checks people are living on?

But wait, didn’t that run out? Where are people living? HOW are they surviving without working? Houses are not being built because there are no workers. I see some of my favorite restaurants are not able to be open on weekends?

This new generation of non-workers and feeling entitled is going to be the fall of America. Quality service is low because most people really don’t want to be at work. They are just short fuses waiting for a reason to quit their job. It also shows in the attitude of the public. Who would have thought America would turn into such a place? People used to be happy just having a paper route, now people are acting like a dolphin in a petting pool that does not want to come near you unless you have a quality piece of fish.

This trickle down WILL come my friends, and remember I said it first! When this country falls, do not blame it on orange haired or Father Christmas looking presidents. It will be from something you least expected!

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