Our Writing Is Not Always Perfect

Though we think it is

3 min readApr 5, 2022


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Today I submitted an article that I was pretty sure might get turned down because of its content. I was so concerned that I submitted a note to the editor before submitting the work.

The Editor Wrote Back, and with 20+ error notes. At first, I was like “dang, they got me!” That was until I actually read the notes, and he was right. I guess it didn’t help that I was up till 2 am writing the story. But this is what you want from a teacher: Someone who is going to see your potential as a student and will stay on top of you to make sure you are a great writer.

We (writers) get offended because our writing is part of us. In fact, it is part of our spirit, so it is a bit deeper than just being part of us. So if our work gets criticized, so does our spirit, or shall I say ego perhaps? We all think our work of art is the best, and we don’t want people prodding it.

This story was inspired by other stories I read about authors’ works not being accepted by publications, stating that once published works were receiving over 100 mistakes marked by an editor. Again, it’s a bad feeling when you a story is not published that you thought was an ultimate work of art.

Shout out to Johnny Silvercloud from Afrosapiophile Publications for going more than out of his way to fix my writing mistakes. “This cat must have been an English teacher or something.”

I am the same way with working with the youth, which is my master craft. I watch over my students and make sure they become the best players they can be. I stay on top of them, especially those I see great potential in.

Most editors want that for their authors, they want quality writers for their publications: “If you don’t look, they don’t look good.” So believe that in most cases, they are looking out for you.

I am currently at 98 published works, and I still get notes asking me to correct a mistake. So my works are not perfect, but I will never stop writing, drafting, and publishing my works. I will keep grinding to put out 2–3 stories a day to various outlets. Don’t let it get you down if your work is being corrected all the time. I know it brings those childhood flashbacks of a child just trying to make your teacher and parents proud, but that is why some of these editors are out here: to help you become the best writer you can, so they can have the best publication one could have.

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