Top Ways To Make Easy Money Free

Here are 5

6 min readJun 16, 2022


Show them the money, but don’t show your face (Friend Sandra)

There are so many different ways to make easy money free online. Some will require a great deal more work and effort, so “easy” might be a relative term. It all depends upon your skill set and skill levels. What is easy for one person, might be difficult for another. Here are my top five ways to make easy money free online.

5. Contract Work Through Sites Like E-Lance

E-lancing, is a made-up term for “free-lancing” via the internet. These kinds of services connect people that have skills with clients that have needs from all over the world. Some sites offer testing and skills placement to add to your e-lance luster and your potential to make easy money free.

This is my least favorite method to make easy money free. Primarily because it is simply a virtual job. You are hired by a client, you perform a specific task, you deliver the task or end product, and then you get paid. Not much difference from a regular 9-to-5.

But there is a wide range of areas of expertise in which you could “e-lance.” You can hire out your services in everything from writing to graphic and web design and more. The sign up process is typically simple and straightforward, and you can gradually build up your return clientele, eventually you can make easy money free from your projects.

4. Write an E-Book

Everyone knows something about something. In fact, everyone is an expert in something, and that expertise can help you make easy money free.

Maybe you are particularly gifted at baking gluten free bread. Or perhaps you built a beautiful rustic 18th century replica fence around your grandmother’s yard. There is someone out there cruising the web for the “how-to” of that very thing.

Put your knowledge into words in a downloadable PDF, pay a commission to internet marketers to sell the e-book for you, and voila! You have cash coming in to your pay-pal account in no time.

3. Design Web Site or Blog Templates

Obviously this requires some advanced skills and knowledge of a few things like HTML or CSS, even Flash and graphic design. But if you have those skills, learning to crank out a few simplistic designs a week can be lucrative…




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