What Will Your Social Media Memorial Say About You?

When you are gone, you’re Facebook profile remains!

3 min readMar 16, 2022


Sarah F from HelloBervely.com

One day our Facebook profiles will be our memorials… deep isn’t it? The question is, what would yours say? Will it be a bunch of vain photos of you taking pictures of yourself, endless videos of you flaunting around, showing off various outfits you bought, or lewdness? Will it show how real you were, or caring, funny?

I have recently returned to Instagram, had a controversial page before that began to snowball, so I left the platform for awhile. But I would like to consider all who “Follow” me to be seen as this family I have all around the world. So if I follow you, I will not simply UNfollow you just for following me back; that’s some shallow sh**.

Everything that is downloaded from the Universe, filtered through my heart, then transmitted out of my fingers will always have the thought of “What will they see when I’m gone.” Every video will have some kind of purpose, every photo will be of that to make you think, laugh, or at least consider my thought processing skills. All in all, THIS is what the future will see when they find my Instagram page; my memorial.

I had a vision once…

That aliens used Facebook data teach them how to run their families. They only took the useful data: A husband, a wife (male and female), kids and a family pet. They also learned from data, what NOT to do. We Earthlings, even poisoned aliens, making them also want to keep up with the Kardashians.

So this “Memorial” concept was always a reality with me. So whatever I post on Facebook (or any other platform), I am thinking about this concept. My cousin, he would post tacky photos of him with women all the time. Just plain ole tacky stuff, then one day he died in a semi-truck accident. Till this day when you visit his “Facebook Memorial”, that is all that you remember him by; it’s rather sad really.

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