When Does Confidence Become Arrogance?

3 min readApr 8, 2022
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We are now in a society that is designed to shut down those who wake up society. Because one confidently speaks on a subject she/he knows well, he/she is now considered arrogant (another personality that would not exist if it were not for man’s dictionary).

My sister asked me today if I thought she was arrogant or mean. When in reality the only words of hers I have seen are paragraphs that wake up the spirit, the consciousness, and bring out the unseen. So my answer to her was: “You continue to speak what is true and remain a wise beautiful Queen”.

At the same time, I have the same problem. Throughout time some have not liked my confidence in what I speak of. I am wise enough to research my words before they are manifested from my brain to the Earth plane. Don’t forget it is a scientific fact that only 1 out of 1000 people are awake.

WE are the one sheep that went astray whom the shepherd came to retrieve because of our value. As said by the Christ: “The one is no less from the 99”. But oh yes we are different! WE are the ones who dared to question. WE are the ones who demanded the truth, who wanted answers. WE are the ones who make a difference in this world!

When Does Confidence Become Arrogance: Your law of voice becomes arrogance once you look down on others. Once you force your truths on others. (explaining and force are two different meanings here). It becomes arrogance when you feel you know all about things you really do not know all about (knowing what you are talking about is a different meaning here). When you turn into a snob within the debate or conversation and you speak as if you were a plantation owner and they were a mere field slave.

How Do You Keep From Being Arrogant: Speak with compassion when explaining your truths. If a debate happens, do not debate; for debates are for those who have doubt in their own beliefs. Attempt to explain your argument in a peaceful manner. Use examples that can be related to (the Christ was best at this). Do what must be done with a docile heart. Do not allow bitterness to come within you. Open your ears to their version of the conversation, for you may learn something new.


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